Giulia Michieli

HR Consultant Flower&Klein Americas

Giulia Michieli is a HR Consultant with a diverse background spanning various sectors, including government, international organizations, and entrepreneurship. With a wealth of experience in human resources, policy analysis, and international affairs, Giulia Michieli brings a unique perspective to every project she undertakes.

Having served as an advisor at the United Nations for the Afghanistan Mission, Giulia Michieli possesses a deep understanding of complex geopolitical issues and the ability to navigate challenging environments with tact and diplomacy. Her tenure as a policy analyst for the Manhattan Borough President's office in New York City further honed her skills in strategic planning and stakeholder management.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Giulia Michieli is a multilingual individual, fluent in Italian, Spanish, English, and French, with a proficiency in basic Portuguese. Her global perspective is enriched by her time living in Argentina, Italy, and the US.

Education has been a cornerstone of Giulia Michieli's journey, culminating in a Master's Degree from Columbia University in International Affairs and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Gender and Women's Studies. Her interdisciplinary background equips her with a unique blend of analytical thinking and a deep understanding of societal dynamics.

In her leisure time, Giulia indulges in her passion for ceramics, finding solace and creativity in the tactile art form. She also enjoys long walks, embracing the opportunity to clear her mind and connect with nature. Additionally, Giulia Michieli contributes her insights and expertise to publications such as The Diplomat Argentinian magazine and Illuminetem, where she writes articles on topics ranging from international relations to climate change.