Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods companies require a streamlined and high-performance organisation, capable of rapidly adapting to market changes.
From its very inception, Flower&Klein has been supporting leading companies on a global scale in the Consumer Goods Sector, helping them to identify, assess and recruit Executives and Senior managers that are capable of responding to expectations for growth and the requirements of highly competitive markets.
Our clients operate in various sectors: Food&Beverage, Apparel, White Goods, Luxury Goods, Cosmetics & Personal Care. Suitable portfolio management and organisational model simplification lies at the heart of their commitment to enhancing efficiency.
Flower&Klein consultants work with client companies to define the objectives, roles and responsibilities of Managers to be identified on the market, including corporate, sales & marketing or operations functions, which are increasingly important for growth in the sector. 
Flower&Klein consultants attract, "take on" and evaluate the best talents on the market by means of international scouting operations, wherever the client is based.

Case history

North American Branch Start-Up - USA

1. The client

Medium-large Italian company operating in the food & beverage sector, actively engaged in an internationalisation process.

2. The challenge

The company had already been active for some time on the American market with Export Managers based in Italy who would regularly travel to the USA to manage relations with clientèle, made of Large Scale Food Retailers and regional distributors. However over the last few years, with this model the company was unable to generate a growth trend in sales volumes. With the aim of resuming a growth path on the North American market, the company shared with Flower&Klein its need for a local presence made of sales oriented managerial resources.

3. The intervention

Our intervention started with the mapping of other Italian businesses already operating in the USA, as well as American competitors providing categories of products similar to those of the client's. We then analysed their organisations and the types of profiles present in k-positions. We collected market information in a series of interviews, on sold products and brands, customers and dynamics of the competitive scenario. Upon concluding this step of the study, we proposed the creation of a sales team directly in the United States, including a Country Manager, dedicated to the k-accounts of large-scale retail channels, and Sales Managers, to ensure the widespread coverage of clientèle, consisting of local distributors along the East and West Coast.

4. The results

Just a year after the addition of three management figures at the company, the client achieved a significant sales increase of around 40% compared to the same period of the previous year, with highly promising prospects thanks to the acquisition of new clients in different sales channels. Sales volumes increased to such an extent that the client decided to invest in the opening of a new production plant.