The current scenario is characterised by the presence of new instruments - Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence - which are revolutionising the organisational methods and actions of companies operating on the market. The strategic use of these instruments is fundamental for all companies that wish to operate efficiently, develop their business without losing market shares and respond in the best possible way to requests from their reference targets, which are increasingly complex and demanding.
The use of these instruments gives each type of company an important competitive edge over potential competitors, but requires specific skills and a professionalism that cannot be improvised. Therefore Flower&Klein supports companies looking to evolve in this direction, helping them to select professionals capable of concretely contributing towards the digitalisation of processes, omni-channeling and the use of Business Intelligence tools.

Case history

Creation of IT Operations Retail Team

1. Client

An Italian Multinational in the Luxury Goods & Retail sector

2. The challenge

The client company was experiencing a phase of tumultuous growth that was difficult to control, characterised by a sharp rise in sales and therefore production too. Technological infrastructures in the IT Operations area were proving to be entirely inadequate in this sense. No longer able to satisfy requests from the line, the IT function was increasingly resorting to external companies for support in areas in which there were insufficient internal competencies. Therefore the challenge lay in intervening in a rapidly developing situation by identifying resources capable of effectively responding to the internal client's needs, so that the company wouldn't have to slow its growth path down.

3. The intervention

The client was informed of the need to open a far-reaching search to identify IT Operations senior managers on the market who were proficient in production cycle management, from product conception to sale, with the aim of progressively internalising a series of competencies previously outsourced to external consultants. Scouting was conducted at a European level to identify profiles of different seniority levels, sectoral provenance or type, to collect information on the nature of organisational models used by high performance companies regarding the specific function.

4. The results

By the end of our intervention, the IT Operations Team was fully staffed with figures of different seniority levels; within a short space of time, the team began efficiently and effectively responding to requests from the operations organisation of national and foreign plants.