Legal & Professional services

Legal & Professional services

Legal & Professional services

The Tax&Legal sector is one of the most vibrant in work market terms: lateral hire operations are increasingly frequent, enabling law firms to drastically accelerate their growth path.
In this highly competitive scenario, individual professionals play an essential role in the success of law firms, from Partners, veritable promoters of their respective firms on the market, to junior associates.
The Legal Practice & Professional Services of Flower&Klein constantly interfaces with the community of professionals operating in major legal firms, assisting its clientèle with professionals of different seniority levels and various specialisations.
The consultants of the Flower&Klein Legal Practice have all practised the profession, with previous experience as Lawyers. This distinguishing characteristic means they are able to meet the recruitment needs of legal firms, thanks to their sensitivity, competence and proficiency.
Our track record in this sector ranges from searching for single professionals to the management of complex lateral hire operations.

Case history

International markets partner

1. The client

A prestigious legal firm with over 300 professionals, a leader on the Italian Tax&Legal market.

2. The challenge

In order to make the most of opportunities deriving from foreign clientèle, the Law Firm expressed a need to look for an Equity Partner for Real Estate Practice, operating in Italy with its own clientèle portfolio and with competencies on certain specific European markets. Searching for partners for legal firms is always a complex and delicate task, requiring the utmost confidentiality. All too often, in addition to Partners, operations also involve a part of the professionals who work with them, an additional element requiring consideration. Moreover, the highly defined and precise nature of this specific search required a highly targeted action on a selection of candidates that was difficult to identify.

3. The intervention

The Flower&Klein intervention consisted of the following steps:
• Definition of a cluster of Law Firms to be explored, at a pan-European level;
• The study of the most significant operations of interest in the Real Estate field, with the relative identification of Partners who executed them;
• In-depth discussion with Partners identified on the market, to identify perimeters of action and relative business cases, with successive disclosure of clients;
• Presentation of Partners interested in the Client, followed by support in obtaining in-depth information

4. The results

Following the intervention and based on the market benchmark generated, a new Partner was identified and added to the firm, together with their team, resulting in a significant increase in the firm’s revenue, in a very short space of time.