The Healthcare sector is undergoing a profound transformation at a global level due to continuous progress in the field of biological and medical research. The world of healthcare services is expanding and sweeping away traditional divisions between pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.
The most innovative leaders are guiding the healthcare services transformation towards digitalisation, as the possibility of multi-channel connectivity with the patient is opening new ways of communication with consumers. With a simple smartphone, patients can immediately access full information regarding them and are able to manage their own health, directly. This evolution, which has made consumers increasingly informed and involved, has pushed companies to recognise that care must be increasingly focused on the patient, radically modifying their business choices.
Inter-sector experience and the capacity to understand new ways of thinking, working, cooperating with and taking care of patients will be enabling elements for the future of companies operating in such a delicate sector. This is why Flower&Klein consultants recruit and select C-Level and senior management staff through meticulous analyses, focused on identifying the human capital best suited to managing challenges set by the market.

Case history

HR Multicultural Integration Manager

1. The client

A leading multinational in the diagnostic devices sector.

2. The challenge

The client was in the process of integrating a newly acquired Swiss company with the group's branch already present in Switzerland. The challenge consisted of rapidly implementing the organisational harmonisation and cultural integration of the newly acquired company with the local branch, while also establishing correct information flows with the Parent Company. Indeed despite operating in the same sector, both companies were profoundly different in terms of size, management style, company population, local regulations, process levels and last but not least, language and cultural aspects, as both are located in different cantons of the Swiss Confederation.

3. The intervention

It was recommended that the client add a Temporary Manager to the Swiss organisation; together with the HR Director & Integration Manager, directly reporting to the Italian corporate; their mission would mainly focus on facilitating the integration process of both companies, within a one-year time frame. This executive selection honed in on a local senior manager of Swiss nationality, with a background in organisational consultancy and company merger projects, bilingual in Italian and German.

4. The results

An intense Europe-wide search process resulted in the identification of a manager with strong staff development skills. Operating in alternation between both Swiss locations and the Italian headquarters, the manager developed and implemented an Integration Project consisting of a series of inter-company and inter-function workshops, as well as team coaching paths, enabling the start of a cultural integration process of all companies involved.