Logistic & Transportation

Logistic & Transportation

Logistic & Transportation

The Logistics and Transportation industry has undergone profound changes mainly due to an increasingly complex and global market over the last decade. Offer and demand meet more easily thanks to international providers able to satisfy multiple needs not only in terms of transportation and shipping but also in terms of the ability to manage in outsourcing the Logistics and Supply Chain functions of client companies.
Flower&Klein supports leading companies in the Logistic & Transportation sector as a global partner to identify managers with vertical skills on the different market segments – road and intermodal transport, Air & Ocean, Contract Logistics – able to ensure the development and correct management of all company functions.
Our customers are multinationals that aim to expand their business on a global scale through the creation of branches strategically located in Europe and beyond.
Flower&Klein consultants support the growth of their customers not only through the identification and hiring of the best managerial profiles but, more generally, through a constant international monitoring to attract the best talents on the market.

Case history

Start-up logistics division

1. Client

Medium-large Italian company operating in the logistics & transportation sector on a global scale specializes in the road and rail transport segments.

2. The challenge

Over the years the company had seen its growth curve flatten and therefore to ensure a further development of turnover, it had decided to activate a new division dedicated to Contract Logistics from scratch, capitalizing on some assets already in its possession such as customer portfolio and owned warehouses. The customer asked Flower&Klein to staff the organization of the new business unit starting from its business unit manager.

3. The intervention

Flower&Klein’s activity began with the study of the organization of the three main players in the logistics sector in order to understand the organizational model and the related key-positions. Once this first phase of analysis was completed, it was defined with the customer what type of organization to give to the newly created division, defining the main roles to be covered in the short and medium term. Subsequently, a wide-ranging research project was launched at European level to recruit managerial figures in the business development and project management areas within the Contract Logistics services market.

4. The results

Over nine months of activity, the organization was gradually staffed in the roles of first and second line, putting the division in the condition of being active with integrated logistics projects for customers. Through the inclusion of several Sales Managers, in Italy and in Europe, the Customer has definitively been able to present himself to the market not only as a valid supplier of national and international transport services but as a global partner for the outsourcing management of warehouses and depots located all over the world.