Financial Services

Financial Services

The leader's profile in financial services will continue to evolve based on a series of factors: the sector's renewed customer focus, digital transformation, a rise in demand for risk management, rising numbers of investors and increasingly stringent regulatory controls.
Flower&Klein helps operators of the sector to create strong multidisciplinary teams that are capable of tackling market challenges, by identifying the leaders who can guide organisations with a clear vision, with the implementation of winning strategies applied to rapidly evolving areas, including compliance or customer data security.
Flower&Klein is the ideal partner for all Financial Services companies and thanks to its international network, it supports them in the search for managers globally, in Europe, North America and APAC.

Case history

Supporting the reorganisation of an international company's operations

1. The client

A historic Italian publisher acquired by an important multinational group, the European leader in the field of professional publishing.

2. The challenge

The client was facing considerable operative difficulties due to a series of simultaneous and unexpected defections of managerial resources in the Real Estate Business Unit, triggered by a sharp rise in workload. Therefore, the challenge consisted of the need to add competent managers to the organisation in a very short space of time, despite the accelerated recruitment process.

3. The intervention

A two-way head hunting operation was rolled out to resolve the situation: firstly to identify senior management figures in a very short space of time, with extensive background in the sector, who could immediately and safely fill vacant positions, guaranteeing the operative continuity of the Business Unit from the outset. Simultaneously, a more massive pipeline activity was rolled out for less senior resources with potential, as a valid backup in the event other recent senior additions experience difficulties in embracing the client's company culture, to avoid another period of operative hiatus for which our intervention was required in the first place.

4. The results

Following our intervention, the client was able to benefit from an in-depth market benchmark, containing information on the organisation of competitors' Operations sector, as well as specific data on functions and remuneration. Starting from these elements, the client company was able to proceed with the selection and insertion of key figures in management and is now capable of concretely operating to spearhead its own growth targets.