Private equity

Private equity

Private equity

The private capital market is experiencing a period of profound change, caused by the entry of new "players" - Club Deal, SPAC, and Search Funds, which operate alongside traditional investors.
More than ever before, Private Capital operators must hold Human Capital in the highest regard, right from the preliminary assessment phases in which they evaluate the dossier of a potential target company for adding to their portfolio, because the search for CEOs and C-Levels to place at the helm of acquired companies is one of the most critical factors for an operation's success.
The Flower&Klein Private Equity Practice Team aims to support clients in the search and selection of Executives and Directors, both for internal governance and for associated companies in their portfolio.
Flower&Klein also provides organisational support for Venture Capital and Start-Up companies, in synergy with the Human Capital division, often also conducting targeted Organisational Audit interviews with top management figures of client companies.

Case history

Organisational Audit Path

1. The client

One of the most important Italian Private Equity firms operating on mid-market companies with an invested capital of more than a billion

2. The challenge

The Private Equity firm was tackling a significant transformation in terms of governance, which was generating a significant impact on internal organisation culture. General Management and Human Resources Management asked us to implement a path to improve the overall corporate climate and specifically, the organisational behaviours of top management.

3. The intervention

A guided listening path was proposed for the Client, implemented by means of an Organisational Audit intervention, with the aim of stimulating the active participation of the teams involved and improving their levels of awareness. The intervention took place over a 6 week period and consisted of a series of work steps:
• Set-up: the preliminary step in which specific targets to be achieved were shared with the client
• Audit: during this step, semi-structured interviews were held with the company's 14 top management figures
• Feedback: this step focused on sharing an Executive Summary with the client, containing the outcomes of the managerial Audit

4. The results

The intervention ended in success, creating a virtuous path which saw the proactive involvement of participants in the definition of critical issues, their causes and in the identification of possible solutions. Thanks to the intervention, clear and concrete proposals and suggestions emerged from within the organisation and were useful for Top Management in the management of Teams and business. Moreover, the intervention resulted in the formulation of a series of recommendations for the insertion of strategic managerial profiles in the future.