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Entertainment & Media

The Entertainment & Media sector is experiencing a period of extensive development, radically calling into question all its paradigms. Structured operations are increasingly necessary; the rise of digitalisation has changed customer product use and company needs. Indeed companies require new and specialised professional figures, sometimes from sectors not traditionally associated with the industry.
Flower&Klein supports companies in the Entertainment sector in their search for managerial figures capable of governing changes underway and managing multidisciplinary work teams; in light of previously acquired experience, they fruitfully cooperate, with the contribution of professionals specialised in innovative fields. Flower&Klein also helps companies define necessary new roles and professional profiles, so that organisations can spearhead their targets and keep their competitive edge in a strongly innovative market.

Case history

Managerialization and digitalisation of companies operating in the Publishing sector

1. Client

A historic Italian publisher acquired by an important multinational group, the European leader in the field of professional publishing.

2. The challenge

During its managerialization path, the client needed a radical overhaul of company organisation and of the management of various processes; consequently this also applied to people operating at the company, who were required to align with the parent company's directives. Simultaneously, aware of the new dynamics governing the sector, management undertook the digitalisation of services provided, a necessary choice in order to stay competitive on a rapidly evolving market.

3. The intervention

In light of the delicate moment the company was going through, the proposed intervention was developed in three sequential steps, acting on: - The Human Capital Advisory process to analyse the existing organisation, identify managerial gaps in light of parent company requirements, followed by the redefinition of some company processes - Process to replace some k-position holders and the addition of new professional figures to fill gaps in managerial skills and undertake the digitalisation process - Team Building activities for all of management, as well as Team and Individual Coaching for certain Directors, to improve communication and team work between different functions. Scouting was conducted at a European level to identify profiles of different seniority levels, sectoral provenance or type, to collect information on the nature of organisational models used by high performance companies regarding the specific function.

4. The results

The intervention enabled the company to significantly boost the efficiency of the integration process with the French parent company. The insertion of professional figures with the necessary technical skills for taking on digital transformation also ensured the company did not lose market shares. Team Building and Team Coaching activities improved the climate and spirit of cooperation at the company, with positive effects on the performance levels of individuals and therefore, the organisation as a whole.